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The next game changer anti-inflammatory

It’s a touchy subject.. marijuana and it’s legalisation weighed up against it’s health benefits. Medical marijuana is legal here in the States but something you can buy over the counter at any health food store is a little extract called CBD (sometimes called hemp oil) and it’s sweeping the health and wellness community for all it’s epic health benefits.

CBD (Cannabidiol oil) is a cannabinoid and is the second most abundant in the marijuana plant, there are over 85 cannabinoids, the highest being THC (this is the stuff that makes you ‘high’. In hemp though THC is only found in trace amounts and CBD is more dominant which makes it a less controversial and safer alternative to marijuana whilst still getting health benefits of cannabinoids.

Benefits of CBD

  • Potent anti inflammatory
  • Anxiety relief
  • Reduces stress
  • Anti seizure agent
  • Pain relief
  • Studies are continuing to show the health benefits associated with cancer

Will you get high taking CBD oil?

Basically no. Sorry if this is what you were going for. But you can’t get ‘high’ off CBD oil because of the low levels of THC in hemp where the CBD is extracted from.

Should it be legalised in Australia?

At the moment health food shops in Australia do sell hemp seeds but have to label them ‘not for human consumption’ but we all know that people are going home and sprinkling that stuff on all there toppings. From personal experience here in the States taking CBD to help with chronic pain relief – the stuff is great and I feel like it does work. If people are worried about the increase of marijuana use legalising this whole concept – don’t – I’m sure this stuff can be scripted by doctors and I am certain no one would object if they saw how it can relief the pain of someone they love suffering.


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