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NEW ‘IT’ THING | cryotherapy

Latest ‘it’ thing around the health conscious LA crowd is freeze therapy. Freeze fat, speed up your metabolism, reduce pain and inflammation everyone one is heading to some sort of cryotherapy. 

First used in Japan in 1978 it wasn’t until some of our friends over in Poland opened up an Olympic rehabilitation centre in 2000 using cryotherapy that it started gaining popularity. So word about it is that it uses gasiform nitrogen to lower the skin surface temperature by -1-10 degrees Celsius over a period of two-three minutes. The Cryochamber (the wholebody chamber and most popular but you can also get local cryotherapy or even a cryofacial which boosts collagen and reduces pore size) is cooled using liquid nitrogen but your skin is not in direct contact with the gas.  Your body reacts to the cold and sends messages to the brain that triggers the release of anti-inflammatory molecules and endorphins. Studies have shown that the cryotherapy treatment helps with injuries and healing time by reducing inflammation in the body. It can also decrease recovery time and increase performance.

TL CRYO[owner + designer Tully Humphrey gearing up]

The TL crew were all in to try this one out and after signing up and getting your blood pressure taken you go into a room – strip down to your undies, slip on some footy socks, clogs and then wait. Wait your turn because sometimes there is a bit of a line up. The worst part is the waiting – you see everyone going into the chamber and coming out saying how fri!in cold it is and then you’re up.

Final touches before the longest 2 minutes of your life – face mask, earmuffs and gloves. Robe off and you’re in. Literally the cold hits you like a bat to the head – you can’t think properly because you’re so cold, you jump around to try to warm up, you think you’re privates are frozen and then voilà times up. You are bloody cold but invigorated and feeling amazing.

Expensive? Yes. Worth a try? Yes – especially if you have some injuries going on or had a few too many vodkas the night before.

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