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New Gen health revolution

Throw out the traditional holistic health approach to wellness, gratitude and mindfulness. There’s a generational shift to the mentality work hard, play hard then work on yourself. Leading the way in this new age shift are 4 LA dudes (yes cool dudes do this stuff over in LA) who started The Wildfire Initiative

Millennials, or what ever label you want to put on our generation, are often pulled into one direction of lifestyle – partier, Nanna life or health nut and when you’re in, you are all in and are so controlled by that stigma. Slowly though there is a shift happening and it’s all about the balance. Favourite quote from one of the Wildfire Initiative founders yesterday – Brian Ellis ” I do not care how much blow you did last night, I do not care how much you drank – you are here working on yourself to be a better self.”

The Wildfire Initiative is not no bullshit modern way of training the mind, body and spirit. It’s about learning new techniques to awaken you at the core and let go of all the fears, bullshits and thoughts holding us back. It’s about being open to receiving and giving, surrounding yourself with cool people who are on the same wave length as you – or at least open to giving something a try.

Every Sunday – the boys – the founders meet at the bottom of Runyon Canyon – whoever shows up, shows up. You and a group of like minded people hike for about 10 minutes before stopping where you are lead through around 20 minutes of work. Work as in breath work, mindfulness, awareness, moving energy around your body and just recharging your battery for you that is often in energy saver mode. Post that you then hike up Runyon, of course the day we chose it was ridiculously hot and we were all sweating bullets.

What you get out of doing something like this new age health movement is the mentality that life is all about balance – drink your kombucha but go out and have fun too, things are always more fun when you have your girl gang, it’s very cool that boys do this kind of stuff in LA (Aussie boys take note), you can break your comfort zones and change that conversation in your head and the 2 most powerful tools you have are your breath and your awareness.

Follow the boys at Wildfire here


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