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NATURAL, NO NASTIES | enjo makeup remover wipes

What you put on your skin is just as important to your health as what you eat. Everything you load your body with – make up, creams, makeup wipes etc all seeps through your skin and into your body that’s why we think using natural products in your beauty regime is just as important. 

Taking more notice of our beauty regime now we’ve come across a little gem all-natural, no chemicals, no nasties – Enjo skincare. Just like their cleaning products enjo has created an amazing range of skin care products allow you to cleanse and exfoliate your skin the al là natural way. The face wash and makeup remover pads go everywhere with us now in our gym bags. They are soft and gently exfoliate your skin, perfect for wiping away all the make-up pre-workout and then removing any oils and build up from all that sweat.

Add water, use damp or wet and wipe away.


They are perfect little addition to your daily routine if you’re trying to stick away from any chemicals but also for anyone who has experienced skin problems.

Check out Enjo face wipes here.

Enjoy TL + TEAM x

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