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I have a confession I am a massive routine freak! I love routines and creating habits. When it comes down to it I am pretty bloody disciplined actually. I honestly believe that routines are extremely important and essential for setting yourself up for a successful day. Another thing for me by creating a really productive morning routine it helps me feel calm, controlled and powerful and all before 8am.  – Boom!

There are many highly successful leaders (think Oprah, Bill Gates, Tony Robbins) who have crafted a morning routine and rituals that maximize their energy, productivity and creativity all day long! So, if its good enough for Oprah its good enough for us.

Over the last few years I have changed up my routine due to maybe getting a little older (EEK!) or my health journey evolving and also, I think the health industry changing so rapidly has a massive influence on routines.. new products new studies coming up all the time. I do think Routines tend to change up a lot as your life changes which so fine.





During the week I usually wake up around 5.37am ( Yes weird I know) I have this weird obsessive thing about setting my alarm + it can never be set on an even number. I try not to snooze my alarm and I turn the lights on as soon as my alarm goes off.



I start my morning off with a huge glass of warm water with half a lemon and a shot of ACV to kick start my metabolism. Other benefits include. Balances pH levels, promotes digestion and soothes are sore throat.



I make sure I lay all my gym clothes out the night before and place next to my bed, so I don’t have to think in the morning. It is actually one of my number 1 motivation tips for when you are lacking motivation to work out.



I usually go to a workout class around 6am I am loving boxing, United Ride + functional training at the moment. I love to get in a really sweaty cardio sesh early. It sets me up for a productive day and I feel really motivated + empowered for work and life.



This is a new addition to my daily morning ritual. I introduced  it into my morning routines 3 months ago, thanks to two of my good friends!  I have a celery juice on an empty stomach in the morning post my workout.

This is to stimulate stomach acid, reduce inflammation and support my liver. It actually comes from a book called MEDICAL MEDIUM he believes cleansing, detox and essential nutrients from real whole foods are the core to fights infections and illness.  I have never felt better. My digestion is amazing and I have more energy during the day and this winter I haven’t got sick with a cold.



I will usually wait about 15 mins after my celery juice before I eat breakie. I love to have a really balanced breakie (it’s my fav meal of the day!) if I am home I will have a bowl of Greek yoghurt, berries, nuts and seeds, almond butter, chia, gojis.. anything I have in my cupboard it doesn’t look so nice but its delish. If I am out I will have eggs, spinach, haloumi avo or egg white omelette.



I usually like to do this whilst I am eating my breakie. I know it’s probably not very mindful however it sets me up, I can get an idea of what my day is going to be like and make sure I prioritise certain things and set up my to do list.



Probably one of my favourite parts of my morning routine is my morning coffee! I love my coffee strong.


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