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Morning Rituals | My Routine

I’m a big fan of a morning ritual and starting each day the best way possible to set myself up for an epic and healthy day ahead. Having a good daily routine is easy to establish and is a great way to nourish your mind, body and soul. If you stick with it your health and happiness will be thanking you. My morning routine looks a little like this..

I like to rise between 5-30- 6.30  – I am one of those crazy annoying morning
people! I love to get up early, it’s such a beautiful time of the day to focus
on yourself and get your workout in. It really revs you up for the day ahead. I
feel more motivated and energetic.

Warm glass of water with lemon – This is a great liver de-toxer. It kickstarts your metabolism for the day, hydrates the body and alkalinise the blood.

Stretch it out –   I always like to do a little bit of a yoga stretch warm up for
about 10 mins to get my blood moving and wake me up.

Morning workout – I love to workout in the morning and tend to mix it up between Bikram yoga, running, gym work with weights, some HIIT training or sometimes I throw in some vinyasa yoga or reformer pilates.

COFFFEEEE TIME & Breakie – Got to have my morning brew and nourish the body after working out. Some of my go to breakie’s are porridge, acai bowls or eggs with some sides like spinach and smashed avo. All natural, healthy foods to fuel me for the crazy day ahead.