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Model + Aussie Babe // Laura Dewit Q + A


We have a serious #girlcrush on this Aussie stunner Laura Dewit. You know one of those girls when you walk into a room and you can just feel this burst energy? Yeah well Miss Dewit is that girl! Laura is currently living and working in LA so we decided to talk to her about her fav workout routines, diet and staying healthy and how the hell she stay’s so grounded in LA so far from her hometown of Adelaide, Australia!


  • In 3 words describe yourself?  

Extroverted, Excitable, Passionate

  • Tell us a little about your health journey?
My health Journey Unfortunately hasn’t been smooth sailing as I’ve experienced major negativity and pressure towards my body, both from people within the modelling industry and myself.  Fortunately however i found a passion for fitness and nutrition and was able to cultivate a lifestyle based around a wholesome, nutrient dense diet and lifestyle. Despite having days where I’m not so eager to put on a bikini during a shoot, I keep my thoughts positive and know to listen to my body, especially when I’m exhausted.
  • If there was one thing you could tell your 4-year-old self what would it be and why?
You only have one body, so take care of her!!!!! Its the only thing on this planet that during your lifetime you have complete control over so why not love and nourish her?!
  •  What are the 3 most important health lessons you have learnt on your journey? 
Be patient, physical change doesn’t happen over night a healthy body begins with a healthy mind. Balance is key, a green smoothie will make you feel a million dollars.. but sometimes French Toast is what you need!
  •  You are currently living the dream in LA modelling. Is there one thing you do to keep yourself grounded? 
Calling my Mum every day. She’s so down to earth and keeps my grounded to my roots all the way back in Adelaide!
  •  List 5 of your favorite foods? 

Acai bowl

Banana bread

Avocado toast

Vegan Breakfast burrito

Dark chocolate

Photo Credit : David Higgs 
  •  Top 3 workouts in LA? 

Platefit (main source of fitness, 3-4 times a week)

Hiking Runyon

Swimming in the ocean down in Laguna beach


  • Do you have any plans post modelling? 

Anything within the fashion industry or a nutritionist – specialising in children’s diets perhaps.


  • Favorite Quote? 

“With every act of self care your authentic self gets stronger, and the critical, fearful mind gets weaker. Every act of self care is a powerful declaration: I am on my side; each day I am more and more on my side.”



Photo credit : Cameron Mackie 


  • What’s is the best health/life advice you have ever received? And from who? 
‘Who cares what everyone thinks’ – my Mum


  • Last one Girl – If you had one day left to live your life – What would your day on a plate be from AM to PM.
Am: –
  • Wake up somewhere within 1km of Bondi Beach and kiss my dog or boyfriend
  • Hike Bondi to Bronte Walk and meditate along the way
  • Eat a tropical Acai bowl
  • Fly home to Adelaide (2 hour flight)
  • See my extended family
  • Drive up to the river Murray
  • Go for a wakeboard
  • End up along side my friends and family around a camp fire


If you want to stalk this down to earth Aussie babe check her instagram out below.


Email us or comment below if there are any other hotties on your radar and you would love us to interview them! 

TL xx

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