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MIXING IT UP | hiit circuit

Used to think running for long distances was the only way to get fit? Hey so did we. But now we’re loving mixing it up in our workouts and feeling fitter and stronger then ever. You’ll see TL and the crew throwing in some yoga, boxing, cycling, pilates and when we’re short on time some serious hiit circuit training to get the heart pumping. Here’s some of our favourite circuits to throw in a quick sweat sesh and how you can mix them up for a solid workout.

When short on time you want a quick, solid workout that gets the heart pumping. TL crew love a warm-up / cardio session first then throw in a bit of a hardcore tabata circuit (20 seconds on,10 seconds off, x8, rest) and you’ll be feeling the endorphins a buzzin’


Treadmill / bike / run outdoors 15-20 mins

You can go at a pace that suits you but mix it up with some bursts of sprints then slower active recovery.

* Interval training is wicked for fitness – it works both your aerobic and anaerobic systems so basically you can work harder for longer periods of time


Choose 4 exercises

Do each exercise once – repeat the circuit then rest (download a tabata app that allows you to time your circuits 20 seconds on 10 seconds off)

Depending on how much time you have go for 1 to 3 sets

Mix n’ match your circuits – some of our favs..

Skipping, step-ups, triceps dips, push-ups, mountain climbers, walking lunges, leg raises for the abs and burpees definitely not a fav but you gotta do these things you don’t like sometimes. If you have weights or kettlebells they’re awesome props to use to get the body working a bit harder.

Happy sweating all.


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