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MINDFUL IN MAY | meditation + mindfulness

We’ve given you the 101 on how to meditate here now we are putting it all into practice for Mindful in May kicking off this Friday. The TL team are going to give it a crack and aim to meditate everyday for the whole of May all for a good cause – providing clean water to those in need.

Join as an individual or as a team and meditate for 10 mins or 30 mins each day. It’s not about how long you do it for it’s all about setting the intention to sit with yourself and become present each and everyday for a little bit. Mindful in May give you daily tips and tricks on mindfulness and meditation, weekly audio meditations and access to all things nourishing for a whole month from recipes to support and daily inspirations they’ve got you covered.

Check out more about Mindful in May here and support our family of meditators Matcha Maiden here.

Meditating for a whole month – we will be pure bliss at the end – nothing will get up our grills.

Om shanti, shanti, shanti. Peace, peace, peace.


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