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Mesquite v. Maca

Everyone seems to be all over maca powder paying the extra $1 to supercharge smoothies or mixing it in with the next batch of bliss balls but not everyone has met it’s little cousin mesquite. Same, same but different?! Mesquite powder will actually change your life for the better. What’s the difference between maca and mesquite?! 


Native to Peru Maca is earthy to taste and loaded with health benefits especially minerals because of the rich soil it’s grown in it’s able to absorb all the goodness and then these nutrients are then passed on to us when we throw it in our next smoothie or breakfast bowl.

  •  Boost energy
  • Increased fertility
  • Packed with vitamins + minerals think B12, Vit C + zinc
  • Balances thyroid + pancreas bringing the body back into balance.


Also from South America this naturally sweet powder is caramel and dream like. High in protein, high in fibre and low GI this powder will not cause that sugar peak that will leave you crashing in the afternoons. Great source of calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc.

  • Boost energy
  • Increases immunity
  • Maintains health skin + hair
  • Keeps the bowels moving

Both powders are great and loaded with health benefits but mesquite definitely takes the crown for us. Nothing beats the flavour. It pairs up really well with coconut oil, cacao, almonds and maca too. Add it to smoothies, on top of your next bowl of oats or blend your next batch of almond butter with a tablespoon for some added flavour flave.

Need a quick sweet fix at night?! Melt down some coconut oil then add mesquite, some cacao nibs and almonds for some crunch and top it off some with good quality natural yoghurt.


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