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Meet LA’s entertainment negotiator Jen Proctor

How do you write an intro for someone that you don’t know how to exactly describe their job but you do know it’s a kick ass dream job. Basically Jen Proctor, our dear friend, kick ass girl boss created a nichè role in the heart of Hollywood and all things entertainment Cultivated Entertainment.  

This is how Jen describes her business “a full service talent consulting, booking, casting and producing firm. Our job is to bring talent (celebrity or otherwise) to projects like tv shows, campaigns, brands and events. What I actually DO every day is communicate with people and make deals. I love negotiation and I have an honest and thoughtful approach. Me and my business would not exist without my integrity to people and relationships.”
And then there’s me..This is how I describe Jen’s job when I’m talking about my dear friend “I don’t know exactly what she does, but she gets to work with cool celebs like she just did this thing with Lebron James I think and all these other famous people.. it’s really cool!”

Either way you all need to know about Cultivated Entertainment, Jen Proctor and their newly released podcast series Cultivated Conversations (trust me the people and conversations being released on here can’t be missed).

Jen Proctor from Cultivated Entertainment

Born & raised.. in Southern California.
First thing you do in the morning? I check my email. I know I know. This is the worst thing they say you can do, but I get excited when I wake up every morning to make shit happen. Running your own business there really is no off time. Once I check the emails, then I always spend a good 30-60 minutes easing into the day with my coffee, some music and my dogs.
How do you take your coffee? With almond milk. Sometimes a little sugar if I’m feeling frisky.
Favourite way to break a sweat? A super fast paced intense yoga session. NOT hot yoga though- I’m not a big fan.
Best cafe in LA?Go Get Em Tiger on Larchmont. Its my go to for multiple meetings a week and I still find myself cruising in on the weekend for a macadamia nut latte and soft scramble.
What does an average day on a plate look like for you? Truly no two days are the same. My clients and projects are so very different. One day I’m on set for a new TV show, the next day I’m running around town taking meetings with various reps. There are also days where I don’t even get out of my sweat pants because who has time for a shower? Spasini you feel me? (Haha I feel you girl!!)
3 things always in your trolley (basket) at supermarket? Eggs, Almond Milk and Perfect Bars.

Chocolate walnut brownie – Perfect bar via Perfect Bar instagram

What’s your greatest strength? I’ve come to realize recently that my gift is my love of people. I genuinely care which makes others extremely important to me and my relationships very powerful.

What’s your greatest weakness? See above. This also means I make much less time for myself and can sometimes “care too much”
What does success mean to you? Success means that I can do the things I want to do, travel where I want to travel, have incredible relationships both personal and professional and feel beautiful while doing it.

Sarah Pasini, Tully Lou & Jen Proctor – Coachella 2018

What trait do you admire most in people? Their story. Often times our society is too quick to judge people by how they look, sound or dress. Every person has a truly unique story and deserves to be heard.
Most treasured possession? A Christmas robe that belonged to my mother.
Greatest achievement? Starting my own business and buying a home.
If you could have a dinner party with 2 famous people who would you choose? Stevie Nicks and Justin Timberlake.
If you could do any job in the world – what would it be? What I’m doing now. Although I do see myself singing in a smokey lounge someday.

Cultivated Entertainment working with Jada Pinkett-Smith

How do you switch off? I travel frequently to “switch off” since there really is no such thing when you’re running a business. When I travel I tend to be more relaxed regardless of where I’m at.
What’s your guilty pleasure? Every once in a blue moon I will stay home in my pajamas all day, not look at my phone, order food in and watch movies/relax.
Website you check religiously? None actually
Instagram stalk? I spend far too much time on instagram but I love following and supporting other bad ass creative women.
How would you spend your last $20? A bottle of California Pinot Noir
Lastly.. your go to pearl of wisdom? Be kind to everyone. It goes a lot further than you think.
Find out more about Jen and Cultivated Entertainment here and get scrolling on your insta feed here. Don’t let your ears miss their new pod cast Cultivated Conversations..conversations about life, business, passion, struggle, triumph and vulnerability. All real. No BS. No filters or face-tune allowed. Raw, honest and real conversations.

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