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MANJISTHA | superfood spotlight

Move over Amazonian superfoods the new kid on the block is Manjistha. This Ayurvedic superfood has been used throughout generations as potent and powerful medicinal herb that helps heal, nourish and destroy toxins. 

What is it?

Manjistha is a climbing plant found at the foothills of the Himalayas and has white flowers with purple fruits but it’s actually the roots of the plant that are used for the many health benefits. The roots are red in colour and often dried and formed into a powder for either internal or external use but most commonly as a supplement.



In Ayurvedic medicine it is often used to pacify pitta which means it helps cool down the body and the blood making it great for any inflammation in the body. It helps detoxify the lymphatic system, the major player in keeping us healthy. It’s a potent blood purifier that is suggested to help females experiencing menstrual problems and can also be applied externally on the skin for anyone experiencing skin conditions to improve complexion.


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