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Making breakie fun with Bulla frozen yoghurt


If you know me well you know I am obsessed with Greek yoghurt. I will usually have a big bowl of Greek yoghurt, fruit and nuts most mornings.. thats my breakie Jam!

I recently got a little tired of the ordinary Greek yoghurt. I wanted to explore other varieties. Yoghurt that still had the real Greek yoghurt cultures ( good for the tum )  thick and creamy texture, but still made with fresh local milk.

I recently came across the new Bulla Greek Style Frozen Yoghurt range. It’s made with fresh local milk and no artificial colours and flavours.  It’s super delecious and a healthy alternative to other products on the market. In the Bulla Frozen Yoghurt range you can also try out the frozen Greek style yoghurt ice creams the Blueberry is the bomb – diggity and trust me it will satisfy any sweet tooth! Check out my new fav way to eat breakfast with Bulla Raspberry and Fig Frozen Yoghurt below.

Overnight Oats w/Frozen Fig and Raspberry Yoghurt

  1. Soak steel cut oats over-night in a milk of your choice ( I prefer almond ) I also love to mix in some shredded coconut in.
  2. Place in the fridge over night.
  3. Place in a bowl in the morning and dollop a big spoon full of the new Raspberry + Fig Frozen Yoghurt
  4. I also like to top with some fresh berries to get in some more fruit for the day

I also love to do the above but with porridge. The frozen yoghurt will melt of course. Its super creamy and tasty. 

To check out the whole range check it out here 







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