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See all those pretty bowls on instagram that are loaded with veggies and look delicious!? Most likely it’s based on macrobiotics. We’ve got the low down on macrobiotics how they’ve nailed the perfect balanced meal that will improve your gut health, keep you running all day long and how to build an epic bowl of goodness. 

Macrobiotics is the on trend way of eating at the moment and is based on traditional Chinese and Japanese ways of eating. Macrobiotics is all about balance, yin and yang and balancing ourselves from the inside out. Every meal is a combination of grains, veggies, beans and fermented foods.

The how to:

  1. Whole grains make up 20-30% of your bowl. Think quinoa, brown rice etc
  2. Load up on your veggies 40-60%. Not just ordinary vegetables make sure you include dark leafy greens, root vegetables and some rounded veggies too like pumpkin and onions. Quickly cook (steam or stir-fry) or stew for a long time.
  3. Sea vegetables, beans, sprouted food or soy protein is about 5-10% of your bowl. Sea veggies include kelp and nori, which are amazing for your thyroid and are loaded with iodine. Soy protein you can mix up some tofu or tempeh that will keep you fuller for longer.
  4. Note it’s important to include fermented foods in your bowls around 10% that are loaded with probiotics. Think pickled veggies that have been naturally preserved and not in brine. Tempeh is also fermented so you will be helping your gut health out either way.


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[photo cred via @veganrawrior]

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