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Is low impact training the new HIIT?

For many of us the get up and grind of working out and breaking a sweat involves some serious load and impact on all our joints – HIIT, lifting weights, burpees, 40 seconds on going full throttle then 10 seconds off – it’s all great but when your body gets tired, you lose form and this is where some serious long term damage can happen on our joints. There is a shift happening though of becoming more mindful and of aware of how our body moves and feels with low impact training.

Jason Dundas recently put up a post of how incorporating low impact swimming and moving more slowly with greater intent and shaped his body.

Jason Dundas incorporates swimming into his workouts more now

With low impact training on the rise but the pull to cardio workouts still high, more and more studios are popping up that are based based but with low impact on your joints.

Here are 3 of the best cardio workouts with low impact.


LIT stands for low impact training. Based in LA this workout class involves intervals with a rowing machine crossed with floor and mat work with TRX, bands and body weight. Sounds easy but trust us this class can build up a serious sweat. Post workout you walk out feeling strong and activated aka all your muscles switched on. You can also LIT on demand and follow the workouts anytime, anywhere.


Any class that is 30 minutes and you walk out dripping with sweat is good right? Correct. High intensity, low impact this is 30 minutes of ‘climbing’ and ripping on a VersaClimber machine. Majority of class you are in a semi squat position, hips back and your pushing and pulling with your legs and arms to create activation in every muscle in your body. A fav workout of the celebrities (Hilary Duff was in the class after us) rumour has it this workout will be hitting the shores of Australia soon.



Never has a cycle workout been so intense but so much emphasis on form. We have a new cycle crush and trainer crush. Cycle house focuses more on interval training, more sprints, more resistance and always, always little check-ins and tips and tricks to keep your form on track 1. so you don’t injure your self but 2. It makes everything so much easier. Music is on point and trainer Nichelle will have your legs pumping like no body else – our rockstar.


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