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Live like a celeb | 6 Pro tips from celeb trainer Don Saladino

We’re all obsessed with celebrity’s and especially how they get their body – what they eat, what workouts do they do and the little everyday things that they live their lives by. Blake Lively is no exception – natural beauty, hot husband (Ryan Reynolds) and that body post 2 children she has to be doing something right. Not taking all the credit herself Blake has said that a lot is to do with celebrity trainer Don Saladino and his ‘live-a-able’ approach to health. Don shared his 6 pro tips to health.

Keep up the fire

Saladino’s number one insight is once the fire AKA metabolism is lit you have to keep it stoked all day. Small meals throughout the day keep the metabolism going and not fueling your body is the quickest way to sabotage your health.

Digestion is key

Playing a vital role in your health you have to look after your digestion systems health. That’s where we process what we’re eating and absorbing nutrients which are key to energy, sleep, weight loss and mood.

Take a holistic approach

Look at every aspect of your life – hydrations, rest, recovery and nutritious food because they’re just as important as fitness and working out. You need to have all the above systems operating together and efficiently to keep your metabolism strong.


Don believes in balance (hallelujah) work hard and play hard. But if you’re going to cheat and splurge on a burger don’t go to the closest fast food place but instead opt for a high quality burger joint that uses good meat and fresh produce that way your lowering your risk of inflammation on the body from too much processed food.

Good quality sleep

Sleep is getting the big nod from a lot of health experts of late and just as important as sleep is for your body to be able to recover and burn fat lack of sleep can have the opposite effect and store fat because it plays havoc on your hormones.

Quick workout is better then no workout

Don is realistic on his approach to workouts especially with Mum’s. You can’t schedule in a workout everyday and you have to be flexible. If all you can squeeze in is a 20-minute workout – work hard, own it and be proud you squeezed something in.



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