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Liquid Gold | Benefits Of Drinking Gold

When you think of gold your health isn’t the first thing that comes to mind but now there is better meaning to the old saying liquid gold. Just like it’s less valued bestie (silver) you can actually drink gold and it comes with some epic health benefits. 

Colloidal silver is what you take when you’ve been whacked with a serious stomach bug – it’s known to help fight against bacteria but what about gold – well it has been used for hundreds of years but here are the big 4..

Aches & Pains

Gold either used orally (little particles are floating in water and you can drink or spray) or topically (rubbed on your skin) helps reduce inflammation in the body and research showed it has helped elevate pain with people who have chronic pain such as arthritis.


When your digestion isn’t working properly your body isn’t absorbing nutrients as effectively – when you decrease inflammation and everything is working like clock work your body is absorbing all the goodness that you are (hopefully) nourishing it with.


There’s a connection between inflammation, your nerves, your gut and your mood. Gold has been prescribed for a long time as a natural mood enhancer and so it’s only now that we are all connecting the dots on how important our digestion is and how to look after it properly.

Improved Cognitive Function

Not saying that you will join Mensa if you start taking colloidal gold but studies have shown that it did improve cognitive function, alertness and IQ.

Who didn’t love gold already (money, jewellery..winning) but know there is even more reason to throw on those gold decorations on our fancy desserts.


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