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How Lily Alridge Preps For Victoria Secret

Ladies around the world set their alarms this AM and worked out after watching last nights Victoria Secret Fashion Show and the question on everyone’s lips a part from how did Lady Gaga walk in those shoes was – how do I get a body like that? Mum and massive babe Lily Alridge gave insight on what she ate and how she worked out for the Paris runway show.

You have to do a workout you love and amp it up to 6-7 days a week sometimes two times a day. If you’re Lily you hit up your favourite ballet class Ballet Beautiful who is responsible for those long elongated defining muscles and for Natalie Portman’s ballet training for the movie Black Swan.

Abs are made in the kitchen so if you’re a super model what do you do? Team up with New York’s hottest healthy organic meal prep service Sakara and develop your own menu and portions that other people can also purchase.


[Images + menu via Chalkboard mag]


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