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KX PILATES | why we love this full body workout

As mad as us for a full body blitz?! We’re a little bit obsessed with hitting up KX Pilates to strengthen, lengthen and tone our bods from head to toe. A serious sweat sesh and you will definitely feel a deep burn after this 50 min workout. Check out why this has become a part of the Tully Lou teams favourite hangout spots.

1. Fitter, better, stronger – strength, power and endurance – Increased sets and reps with resistance working abs, glutes, arms, back and core then throw in a mix of cardio all to get the heart pumping and this will have your cardio fitness up in no time not to mention a few sweat drips here and there.

2. Abs of steel – who does’t want to own a serious pair of abs or 8 even?! All exercises focus on strengthening the core by sucking your belly into your spine and activating the deep core muscles. Throw in an ab strengthening serious and you will definitely be feeling ‘dem abs by the end of a class and the next few days!

3. Long, elongated muscles – Most people are afraid of weights and resistance workouts (which actually speed up your metabolism) because they think bulky muscles but not here – at KX you use your own body weight to strengthen and lengthen muscles. Your posture will be loving you sick after strengthening the core and back muscles – walking taller in no time.

4. Small classes – We dig the fact that classes are small at KX which means more attention for you to focus on your workout with your instructor. Hell yer! That means working more on your strengths and weaknesses to build up that booty and them abs.

5. The vibe – As soon as you walk into a studio we love the boutique, intimate feel of the studios. Then once the class starts the tunes are pumping and before you know it your heart rate is up, your legs are shaking and then the 50 minutes so done. Killer workout done. Check.

Walk out strong, long and lean and that’s why we’re addicted to this little gem of a sweat sesh. Check out KX Pilates studios both in Melbourne and Sydney here.

Happy weekend all don’t forget to sweat, bend and laugh.


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