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Kombucha | Why we're sipping on this like crazy

A lil somethin’ somethin’ new dropping on the TL blog from now on is some of our fav health products – What they are,what the hell they actually do and why he dig them. Think products, foods,drinks, oldies but goodies or even the newbies on the scene – the TL team are all over it. First off the bat – welcome Kombucha.

May have heard of this bad boy strolling
around the health food shop or even at the local farmer’s market and thought
what the EFF.

Kombucha is a fermented tea drink. Frizzy, refreshing and crazy good thirst
quencher – having a Kombucha feel likes your sipping on a cider.

An epic health warrior – this is why we’re
lovin’ Kombucha sick at the moment

  • Detoxifies the bod (especially the
    liver) but make sure you drink plenty of
    water to flush out all those toxins
  • Pain and joint relief it has
    ‘glucosamines’ which help to ease joint pain

And why we really love it

  • Maintains a healthy gut / heals your gut
    it’s jam packed with probiotics which increases all the good bacteria in your
    gut healing it, building its overall health all whilst boosting your immune
    system. Win.

Drink it straight from the fridge, fresh,
cold and you’ll be doing your body and health a massive favour.

We dig

Remedy Kombucha (the original is the bomb)


When out of Aus we sip on Synergy


Bottoms up.