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Keto – What’s the deal

It’s one of the most googled words of the past year & it is the buzz worthy ‘lifestyle’ of eating now. Keto. At least once a day I hear the words keto and ‘trying’ in a sentence together. People presume it’s paleo and that you can’t be a vegan keto. Wrong. 

Keto is a high fat low carb diet… not high protein so you don’t have to have copious amount of meat or other protein sources. You want your body’s primary fuel source to change from glucose to fat.

The standard keto diet involves having around 30 grams of carbs a day (but if starting off they do suggest having a slightly higher carb intake 30-50grams) Carbs come in carbohydrates (obviously) but they can also come in fruits, veggies and fats.

Food to include in a keto diet are – high amounts of  healthy oils & fats, lean meat, fish & eggs, heaps of non-starchy vegetables including all the greens. Have moderate amounts of full fat dairy, vegetables low in carbs (root vegetables) and limited amounts of nuts & seeds. Just clear your pantry of anything with sugar (even natural eg honey and maple syrup) all grains (rice, quinoa, oats etc) and anything processed.

What does 30 grams of carbs look like for a keto diet?

Serving: 1 medium banana
Fiber: 3g
Net carbs: 27g

Serving: 1 apple.
Fiber: 7g
Net carbs: 23g

Serving: 1 kg.
Fiber: 10g
Net carbs: 20g (hence peoples love of zoodles)

Serving: 120g
Fiber: 4g
Net carbs: 26g

Serving:  (2 large avocados)
Fiber: 24g
Net carbs: 6g

Serving: 4 containers
Fiber: 0g
Net carbs: 30g

Serving: 1.8 slices
Fiber: 6g
Net carbs: 24g


Photo credit: Perfect Keto
Featured image from Lee from America 


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