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KETO .. what you need to know’s the diet that all the celebs are loving – Kim Kardashian swears by it and says that it help with her post baby weight loss,¬†Luke Hines has us clicking on every recipe that pops up on Facebook and David Asprey founded his bulletproof off a keto lifestyle. But what is the keto way..We’ve got the down low for you.

Where did it come from?

First developed in the 1920’s to help curb seizures in epilepsy sufferers. They found a strict diet of healthy fats resulted in a massive reduction throughout the gut a common cause of epilepsy (everything always comes back to gut health).

What is it?

Under the keto diet you’re suppose to eat a massive 80% of your diet through good fats (holy hell this is why fat is fuel.. check out our favourite fats at the moment here) 15% from protein and the remaining 5% from carbs. Science is starting to back this up as well showing that by fuelling your body with fat you burn fat. Majority of the body’s cells burn either glucose or ketones – Glucose is made from sugars and ketones are fat. When you fuel your body with fat it burns fat.

Luke Hines Keto meal plan – cauliflower fritters

Why is it good for you?

It’s has shown to decrease inflammation in the gut and body therefore you’re body is better able to absorb the nutrients that you need leading to better metabolism and happier hormones.

What can I eat?

Majority of your diet is going to come through healthy fats – think nuts, butter, salmon, coconut oil, avocado (yasss.. this justifies $25 avocado on toast right?!) and limit the amount of sugar, refined flours, bread, pasta (but don’t have to cut out completely) etc. The fats will help curb your hunger hormones therefore less eating throughout the day.

What’s the difference between keto & paleo?

Keto you eat according to your macronutrients (fats, protein, carbs.. the 80%, 15% & 5% spiel above) where paleo is more about your food choices and a lifestyle choice – cut out wheat, dairy etc and don’t eat to any specific % breakdown.

The conclusion

Note most research suggests that it does take 4-6 weeks for a persons body to reach ketosis but should everyone be eating the keto way? No. Not everyones body is made the same way or is best fuelled by the same things. But if you are feeling like you could do with some extra energy or you just don’t feel right.. This way of eating may be right up your alley. Play with it and if you like it – stick with it. It’s definitely not a bad diet to stick by – it’s proven to decrease inflammation, help with fat and weight loss but don’t beat yourself up if you have some bread with your avocado.


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