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Karmic juice cleanse | 5 things you learn cleansing

Being active all the time can put a lot of stress on the body even though we think we’re doing the right thing then add on top of that all the drinks and food consumed over Christmas and the New Year body is in complete overload. Bit over it we decided it was time to feel a bit lighter and wake up a little bit easier so we jumped on the Karmic cold pressed juice cleanse wagon. 

Why cleanse? Time to completely rest – light exercise (walking, yoga etc.) and a whole lot of nothing. Catch up on sleep and have a couple days of nothing while bringing the body back into balance.

Why Karmic? Not only are the juices cold pressed which means every juice is loaded with the most amount of vitamins and minerals for the body but also because every juice is low fructose which is amazing if your fructose intolerant (TL). Fructose is a sugar, which the body doesn’t generally cope with well in large amounts and is easily converted to fat. Not saying it’s bad for you, everything in moderation we say, but IQS that’s the sugar that is a no go zone for them.

Juicing can be hard. No energy, tired, all you can think about it food. But 5 things everyone can learn from a juice cleanse.

  1. Power of wording – Being mindful of the words you choose in your own mind chatter has an amazing effect and not only is it important with juicing but dieting and eating in general. Think about using ‘I choose not to..’ instead of depriving words like ‘ I can’t.’
  2. How much shit food is actually out there – Food is nourishing your body. It helps heal, repair and grow. Looking at a café and only seeing croissants, lamingtons, slices – it doesn’t even appeal to you.
  3. Your whole relationship with food – Juicing has reinstalled the mindfulness and appreciation of what good food does to your body. Sit down and appreciated it. Eat well and eat food cooked with love.
  4. Social aspect of food – Food consumes a majority of our lives and when you’re juicing you become more aware of this. Celebrations are always with food (weddings, birthdays etc.), catch up with friends majority of the time it’s at a café. Even when you go to the movies the norm is choc top and popcorn but when you’re on a cleanse – umm no – it’s just a peppermint tea thank you.
  5. Coffee is your best friend – Wouldn’t say it’s an addiction because you can actually function without it but when something everyday gives such pleasure and joy and makes you smiles even thinking about it. Don’t deprive yourself. Enjoy that.

Cleansing is great on the odd occasion for the TL Team who are quite active, Karmic are amazing and even have cleanses for active people but may your latte be extra strong and delicious the next day.

Find out more about Karmic cold pressed and the different types of cleanses you can do to what best suits your needs here.

TL + Team x

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