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Kañiwa | Hot new superfood

Hottest new powerhouse superfood. Nutrient-rich you will be seeing quinoas little cousin hitting the shelves of all the health food shops and in every salad at your local hipster cafe this year. 

Pronounced ka-nyi-wa it’s a seed not a grain, gluten free, nutty in taste but the game changer is no rinsing is involved.

From South America this seed is just as versatile as quinoa – boil and then throw it in soups, salads, stir-frys or in your breakfast bowl topped with your milk of choice, dollop of yogurt, fresh fruit and some nuts for that added crunch.


High in plant based protein, iron, calcium and fiber you will be rocking your body with a serious dose of nourishment with this little powerhouse.

Enjoy TL + TEAM X

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