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This Just Got Legal | Hemp Seeds

We’re a little behind on the regulation of health foods here in Australia but the good news is that hemp seeds have just been made legal to eat as of this week. In the US you can find hemp in just about every product – hemp granola, hemp milk, hemp protein and hemp snack bars. 

Everyone knows that chia seeds, flax seeds and pumpkin seeds are loaded with health benefits and are extremely good for you but what does adding a bit of hemp seeds into your life do?

Great for your skin

Loaded with vitamin E which boosts your immune system & responsible for healthy, glowing skin.

Complete protein

The only single plant source that is a complete protein and it’s easily digested.

Reduce inflammation

Loaded with Omega 3’s to reduce inflammation in the body and keep the body function at it’s best.

Our favourite way’s we’ve had this amazing superfood so far is sprinkled on top of your breakfast bowl, blended into smoothies (to make hemp milk blend seeds and water in a high speed blender, strain through nut bag and viola – keeps for days) and hemplete protein bars – the peanut butter flavour is next level.



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