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How to manage your mental health whilst working from home!

To help control the spread of COVID -19 across the world. We have been asked to practise social distancing and change the way we live our lives. For many people myself included this can feel daunting to think about the weeks ahead. It’s the unknown, it’s the control we have lost and its damn right a little frightening. 

Understandably the challenges that are associated with social distancing and isolation, including separation from loved ones, reduced income, the lack of freedom are leading some people to feel a high sense of anxiety, loneliness, boredom, frustration, fear and depression. 

At the very beginning of when this was all happening my anxiety and fear was out of control. I love to be in control of my life. To be told that I was not allowed to do certain things that I had full control over freaked me out big time – I was scared and frustrated at the world and media. I have now come to terms with the whole situation and am trying to do my part my following all the rules and making sure my mental health is in check. 

I wanted to share with you all my tips on what has been helping me and how starting a daily routine is key. 

Start a daily routine – and make the weekends different. 

It is so important to structure your day while in isolation. By doing this I feel like I have some kind of normal or purpose to my day. I schedule everything in even to activities like workouts, my essential’s run this helps me stick to my routine. 

Change out of your PJS 

Working from home you don’t have to dress formally; however, I have found having a shower and getting out of your PJS can help put me in the right headspace to start the day. 

Make bed 

I have spoken about making your bed every day before. Even when working from home during this time, it’s still so important! If you make your bed every morning you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It gives you a small sense of pride and will encourage you to do another task during the day! 

Set up a dedicated workspace 

It’s so important to set up a dedicated workspace to reduce distractions, like social media. I like to set it up where the is no clutter, clean and with no distractions. It’s so important to get in the zone when at home as yes there are a lot of distractions at the office but at home you feel as though you can get away with it more as there’s no one watching over you. 

Stay connected 

This is so essential for my mental health. Obviously in the current crisis we have been told to distance ourselves from others so I’m finding it so important to maintain my social network using facetime, house party or text. It’s also really important to check in with friends or loved ones. Time’s like this can be lonely and isolating.  

Stretch/Move Body 

For me moving every day is so important however in these circumstances it’s even more important to schedule in a workout. You can use the flexibility of working from home to your advantage to get some sort of exercise into your routine. I like to get it done first thing in the morning or another little trick is to put on your alarm every hour or so and get up off your chair and incorporate some light stretches  ** You can check out my favourite stretches via the Priceline website click here


I find that meditation and mindfulness can reduce stress, help control anxiety and promote emotional health. Which is so important during these times of isolation, uncertainty and fear. Try sitting in a comfortable place away from your dedicated working space and close you eye and focus on your breath for a few seconds. Or like me you can download a meditation app like Insight timer, Bloom or 1Giant mind. 

Get some fresh air/sun 

Much like exercise, getting some fresh air and taking a break from the screen can make you feel better when working from home. Getting in the Vitamin D will boost your mood almost right away! 

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