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Hot new workout LA style

Crazy new workout fad or the next big thing in the world of fitness? We’re not to sure yet but with two studios in LA we’re not one to argue. Sandbox brings the beach (just the sand) indoors for a hardcore functional training on an unstable surface which engages the core and small stabilizing muscles.

Founded in 2014 by husband and wife team, the pair brought their love for high intensity beach workouts indoors for the masses who don’t necessarily live near the coast.
Why sand?
Sand provides a natural resistance for your body and an unstable surface making your body work harder, engaging more muscles therefore breaking a sweat quicker. The resistance from the sand works both ways so not only is it good for strength and conditioning it’s also easier on the joints because of the natural give in the sand instead of a hard surface.
Surfset: Basically brings a surf workout indoors even with boards. The session mimics the demands of surfing focusing on balance, strength and endurance.
Strength: Weights, weighted bars all on sand. Increased strength, muscles tone and muscle endurance.
TRX: Think TRX was hard enough on a stable surface try sand. Uses body weight resistance to increase strength, flexibility and build a solid core.
Bootcamp: Functional training but all on sand. Imagine burpees, step-ups, sprints all on sand this is what you will get in a hardcore session and a solid sweat.
Not sure if they will be popping up in Australia but this workout is definitely work a try next time you’re in LA whether it’s just for curiosity purposes.
Sandbox more info here

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