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Hong Kongs Best Eats || @foodieinhk

Hong Kong is literally a foodies dream. Hong Kong is one of my favourite travel destinations in the world. I am fortunate enough that with my work TULLY LOU I can frequently visit. One thing that I used to struggle with was the food! When you are fructose intolerant you could imagine the trouble I have trying to find a meal onion + garlic free ( YES PAINFUL! ) however the health food industry in HKG  is now booming thanks to the city’s newfound wellness addiction! I sat down with my best friend Lauren Pincott also founder of ( @foodieinhk)  who has lived in Hong Kong majority of her life. This girl know’s the city inside out!

Now its over to my favourite foodie to give you the down low from healthy eats to not so healthy.. she got you.




HEALTHY BREAKIE: My go to breakfast spot is MooFish in Discovery Bay, it is part of the Castelo Concepts (@casteloconcepts) group. A short ferry ride away from Hong Kong island, it’s one of the yummiest places that remind me of a good Aussie breakie. Set on the water front and overlooking Hong Kong harbour – it’s a pretty awesome place to dine. My favourite dish? The Avocado Wow Toast smashed with feta and served with roasted vine tomatoes. For those that don’t want to make the journey, hit up Classified. Their Berrylicios Protein Smoothie with Avo on Toast is heaven.



HEALTHY  LUNCH : There are so many lunch options in Hong Kong, we pretty much invented the ‘express lunch menu’ as we take lunch time VERY seriously over here. I recently rekindled my love at a place called Fish&Meat (@fishandmeathk). They have a super reasonable set lunch and the menu/produce is beyond fresh. Their farm to table philosophy is refreshing and the shake things up by changing their menu every season, so you always have endless options to enjoy.


SMOOTHIES  + JUICES : There’s only one juicery worth mentioning and that’s Genie Juicery (@geniejuicery)! They have their flagship store located in IFC Mall, a second on Hollywood Road in Soho and a third (on third street) in Sai Yin Pun. I did one of their juice cleanses before my wedding and then was addicted to their Hawaii H20 juice (coconut water, pineapple, spinach and chlorophyll) during my pregnancy. My hubby also loves their Gym Junkie Protein Shakes (raw vegan protein powder, banana, medjool date, vanilla bean, almonds and pink Himalayan salt).


VEGAN: So as part of my 2017 NY resolution I am introducing a couple of vegan meals into my diet each week. So it’s so awesome to have Grassroots Pantry (@grassrootspantry) – they are the mecca of Vegan dining in Hong Kong and open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their signature Mixed Mushroom Linguine, served with a cashew béchamel and white truffle oil, is to die for! In fact there whole menu is pretty insane. Tucked away in Soho/Poho right near all the cute art and design shops.


POKE BOWLS: This is the hardest decision EVER. I’ve got two equal favourites and it would be too mean for me not to give them both a shout out! First up… Pololi (@pololihk). They have a few shops scattered around Hong Kong Island (Wan Chai, Sheun Wan and Soho) and serve a mean poke bowl. You can have it on a bed of sushi rice, brown rice and/or salad and they have daily flavor specials. Their spicy mayo and yuzu pinenut salmons are INCREDIBLE. Then there is The Poke Co (@thepokecoasia), situated on Landale Street, in Wan Chai. You can make your own bowl or try one of their signature dishes. The menu is endless with zoodles, kale and quinoa all available as your base. If you’re unsure on what to order go for the “All In” and be prepared for the best taste bud explosion ever.


ACAI BOWLS: There is only one worth mentioning and that is the ice-cold Acai bowls served up at Prune (@prunedeliworkshop), the little sister-café of Grassroots Pantry, does a killer acai bowl. Served refreshingly cold and sprinkled with a delightful amount of toppings it’s by far the BEST Hong Konghas to offer.


INDULDGE:  Date night these days is always at Ho Lee Fook (@holeefookhk) or Cha Cha Wan (@chachawanhkg). Ho Lee Fook’s menu is a modern take on Asian cuisine with the deep fried prawn toast (trust me, it’s AMAZING) being one of my favourite dishes. Cha Cha Wan is street thai cuisine, don’t expect any fancy curries here, it’s grilled meats, fishes and spicy (and boy do we mean SPICY) salads. I’m a bit of a Thai food junkie and nowhere else in the world can you get a better mango sticky rice than at Cha Cha Wan.


DUMPLINGS: The one and only Yum Cha (@yumchahk). It’s now my go-to restaurant to take my friends from out of town to. Super gimmicky, fun, quirky, cute and clean – it’s a great way to get dim sum novices up to speed and get some amazing insta content whilst eating it all up! Make sure you try the custard buns (the yellow ones with the googly eyes) and the bbq pork buns (little piggy buns). If you want some authentic dining my family always heads over to METROPOL in Admiralty. It’s a big, old school dim sum joint that has little old ladies cart around a real local take on this favourite mid-morning meal.


EXPENSIVE: If you want to go ALL out when you hit Hong Kong there are few AMAZING restaurants that will leave a nice little dent in your back pocket but let me tell you – it is all worth it. 8 ½ Otto E Mezzo Bombana is a Michelin Star restaurant in the heart of Central. It was the first and only Italian restaurant (outside of Italy) to be given three stars. It’s pretty tough to get a last minute reservation here so make sure you book! My favourite for out of towers is to take them to Hutong in TST. You can take the Aqua Luna boat (owned by the same group) over from Central and cruise along the HK harbour and end up here. The view is to die for and the food is beautiful, modern Asian cuisine. If it’s a little out of your budget, you can always opt in for their Sunday brunch. Great value for money and who doesn’t love free flow champagne?


COCKTAILS: Those that know me know that I LOVE a cocktail. I have a few regular haunts that I love. Havana Bar in LKF if you’re a rum junkie like me, PingPong129 (@pingpong129) in Sai Yin Pun for the world’s LARGEST G&T’s, Honi Honi (@honihonihk) for some cute and­ fun and then Sevva (@sevvahk) or Café Gray purely for the view!!

Lots of love,

Lauren xx

@FoodieInHK #FoodieInHK


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