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Healthy Hangs with Lola Berry

Nutritionist, author, yogi and self confessed health nut. We love our mate Lola Berry. True boss, we love her passion for all things health, wellness and educating people on rocking their bodies with the best foods possible. We can’t get our heads out of her latest cookbook ‘The happy cookbook’ loaded with so many epic, delicious recipes. We got to hangout with our mate to suss out her favourite healthy hangout spots, favourite ways to sweat and more..

What’s your philosophy on health?
Just to put you first, listen to your body and honour it. I believe food is here to nourish you and share with the people you love.

Tell us more about your latest cookbook ‘The happy cookbook’ and Oscar youth elixir?
The Happy Cookbook is my latest book and it’s full of heart. There’s over 130 recipes in it but there’s loads of lifestyle stuff, like yoges (that’s my word for yoga), mediation, biophilia (that’s the healing power of mother nature) plus i talk about relationships, emotional sting and sleep. So it hits lots of health and lifestyle points. I think health should be a way of life not a crazy 2 week detox. It’s just a simple choice, you get to choose every day how you’ll be showing up.

Go to recipe from The happy cookbook?
I love the quirky carrot salad and for a treat the hummingbird lumberjack cake is all time!

Describe yourself in 3 words…

Hard working, quirky, and all heart.

Fav superfoods to throw on your plate, in your bowl or in a blender?
Coconut oil, good quality extra virigin olive oil, avocados – i love good fats.

Ultimate healthy hangout spots?
In Sydney or Melbs? In Sydney “Kitchen by Mike” and “Orchard St”
and in Mlebs: “Combi” and “The Vegie Bar”

Top way(s) to get your sweat on?
Power yoga, i train with Dan Adair at 98 Riley St and the conditioning days are mental!

Tell us something that may surprise us and Tully Lou girls about Lola?
I love to fall asleep listening to “rainy mood” it’s a website that just plays the sound of rain. Then i put Chet faker, Sigur Ros, Oliver Tank, The National… something like that over the top. Iused to be a DJ so i’m a pretty big music nerd!

Best piece of advice you’ve been given?
To connect the dots. It’s a Steve Jobs quote, whilst you’re in a sticky situation and it feels like life’s throwing you bricks in the head it’s hard to have perspective but as soon as you look back you can see that everything happened for a reason or lesson. So have some faith in the dots connecting.

Favourite piece of TL gear?
Parna pants, I love them!

What is a Tully Lou girl to you?
Someone who has a warm spirit and a fiery heart.

Happy Monday all – make it a happy and healthy one. Smile, laugh + sweat.


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