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Healthy fast food | NYC best eat

Shut the front door when someone tells me there’s no meat in that burger and there’s lines out the door all day (literally) hitting up New York’s hottest casual restaurant for a quick bite. Hipster dudes, models, Wall street suits all can’t get enough of BY CHLOE but what might surprise you is the cuisine of choice..vegan. It hit us with a tone of bricks too but after a recent taste testing on location in NY we can actually agree NYC’s hottest (what they say ‘fast’ food, wait is about 5 minutes) joint is actually healthy, plant based, wholefood and an animal loving meat free, dairy free zone.

BY CHLOE wants to show people that vegan food can be comfort food full of flavour and healthy.. there is a lot of unhealthy vegans out there by the way and they have definitely nailed their mission.

After stalking the place on instagram we knew it would be on one the first spots to hit when landing in NYC. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner the the place has an uber healthy menu to choose from. There’s the token kale salad, whisky BBQ mushroom burger, quinoa taco salad and of course being in America a mac n’ cheese completely vegan with almond parmesan ‘cheese’.

After navigating one person goes to the counter and orders whilst the other stalks the floor and pounces on the first bit of movement they see at a table we had our game plan in action and ready for our first (not last) BY CHLOE experience.


Taco bowls all round and some sweet potato fries to share. This was the first and last time these sweet potato fries were ever shared.. they are that good. With the beetroot dipping sauce and the vegan mayo that looked liked a peri peri mayonnaise but obviously wasn’t because it’s vegan and was much healthier these are the fries that dreams are made out of. BY CHLOE ticked all our TULLY LOU approved boxes – healthy, wholefoods, full of flavour and with a bit of crunch.

Fair to say after eating numerous times there nothing on the menu disappoints. With the restaurant expanding over NYC, into LA we can only hope that either they make their way to Australia, we go back to the U.S again soon or some how we can get our hands on some of their air bakes fries.

Definitely a hit list when you’re hitting up the states next vegan or non vegan you will get a kick out of the food here.


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