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Hang time | Ellie Lemons

Nutritionist, personal trainer, model and all round nice girl you just want to be friends with there is nothing standing in the way of this go getter. Taking on the world of health and fitness Ellie gives insight into her workouts on her instagram posting real and raw content motivating people to be the best version of themselves and to let go of any sh!t that’s holding them back. Find out what motivates this beaming smile inside and out every day. 

  • Health philosophy in one sentence…It’s all about balance!
  • Daily Breakfast Oats with coconut oil and water
  • How do you take your coffee Regular latte
  • 3 staples always in my pantry Tomato, avocado, egg
  • Daily supplements None!
  • If I could give one piece of health advice it would be Work out what works for your body, and be aware of how food and exercise make you feel. Once you start noticing what makes you feel better/worse you’ll be able to workout what’s right for you!
  • Strange wellness habit I have a green juice every morning with mum! Been doing it for 8 years!
  • At least once a week I cook Chicken salad
  • If I was a superfood I’d be..Broccoli
  • Favourite time of day to sweat..Afternoon/evening
  • Favourite way to sweat Boxing or running
  • Favourite post workout fuel Eggs on toast with avo
  • On my workout playlist…A lot of Kanye and Eminem
  • 3 things always in my gym bag..Shoes, water and my running watch
  • Gym to street style tip… Relaxed and comfy is the best
  • Everyone should at least once..Travel to a place by themselves
  • The best things in life are..Friends and family!

Check out more about Ellie’s nutrition and fitness regime on her site or over at her instagram. #justsmile


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