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Nova Jane is the Founder of the popular Australian make up brand Fitcover. A sweat-proof, vegan, and cruelty-free make-up made for active lifestyles.  Fitcover is all about empowerment, beauty, well-being, and everything fitness. We sat down and had a little chat to this #girlcrush to get the inside scoop into business, life and what

Tell us a little bit about your business FITCOVER what is it? and why did you launch? 

Fitcover is Australia’s first fitness cosmetic brand. I had the idea back when I was when I was experiencing problems with my own skin. I was buying cosmetics that had a whole heap of crap in them. My skin was flaring up when I go train–and I trained daily. Imagine the amount of flare up I had to get through.  It was definitely a big issue and it was giving me undue anxiety– to the point that I think twice when leaving the house. I looked for a brand that will help me deal with my skin issue– didn’t find any. That’s why I founded Fitcover. 

What’s been the biggest pinch me moment of your career?

One moment that stands out was when Fitcover sponsored the 2019 Sydney Fitness Show. Our name was just everywhere– bags, on the TV, massive walls that spelled out Fitcover. It was a big deal for me!  

What is your favourite product from the FITCOVER range? 

Active Mineral Powder Foundation for sure. It’s the base of the face and it sits on your skin absolutely beautifully. It doesn’t lay heavy on your skin! 

How do you deal with setbacks in business?

It’s really weird because no matter how many fires you put out, the clock just keeps ticking and business issues just seem to come out of nowhere and you just need to keep going on. There is no one single problem in the company–there’s always gonna be a couple here and there. At the same time there will also be a couple wins here and there. You just have to understand the situation and work out. If you can’t work it out, find someone to tap and work it out. 

What’s the best piece of advice you have ever received?

One of the most important things that’s true in any area in your life—  whether you want to start a fitness journey, start a business, or be a good person in general– YOU ARE WHO YOU SPEND YOUR TIME WITH. That advice has always stuck with me. It is a very important thing to make sure I only had the best people surrounding me. Very healthy relationships are important.  There’s a “mutual lifting of one another” and that’s very fun & motivating!

Which women inspire you and why?

There’s a lot! Perhaps currently it’s Sophie G (Sophie Guidolin). I have personally met her a few times. She’s originally from Adelaide where I currently live. She’s just a total go-getter. She’ll try anything once. She’s been through the complete ups and downs in life. She has also dealt with separation, running a business, having kids, etc. I can totally relate. She just keeps pushing through all of those barriers. I think she’s really inspiring! 

What’s been the biggest challenge in business to this day? 

There’s a lot!  I think a lot of people can agree that you need to be new and improved by the second! You have to new and finish up with that real quick and keep reinventing yourself, recreating you and your brand. We always need to be updated with the latest marketing trends! The internet is always on the fast lane for the next big thing. We have to catch that wave– or at least try, and see how that applies to you! 

If you could take 3 items from your fit cover range on a deserted island what would they be? 


Are you planning on launching any new products in the near future? 

  • We just recently launched the NEW Kabuki Curves Brush! It’s available on our website now! 
  • We’re also working very hard to release a Liquid Mineral Foundation – it’s almost here. Be on the lookout for this one. Super exciting!

What’s your definition of success? 

My definition of success is having the freedom of choice when it comes to my time. I think I’ll be successful once I’m able to just choose whether I need to go to work or spend the day with my boys. Once I have that freedom and be able to choose what I want to do– that’s when I know I’ve made it. 

Favourite quote? 

I have this tattoo behind my knee which says, “in a world of fakes, dare to be different”. I’ve had this for a long time, though I still believe in it. There’s a lot of people that’s trying to be everyone else or there’s a lot of media telling girls to be exactly like this “perfect girl”. That’s so boring. Let’s all just be ourselves and make the world a little bit more colorful!

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