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Full Moon In Taurus This November

Tuesday Night the November full moon will light up the skies. First of all it’s Scorpio season and secondly it’s Mercury retrograde. Like with any other Mercury retrograde transit, the areas ruled by this planet (communication, commerce, self-expression, etc.) will not be working at their best and from October 31st to November 20th find out more here.

Back to the full moon. Like all full moons it’s more of a yin energy (opposite of a new moon which is yang) so it’s time to slow down, ground and reflect. Full moon in earth sign Taurus, this Tuesday night calls for a reality check. You might find yourself seeking out experiences and people that can offer you security, whether it be emotional or financial. Either way you’ll be craving what’s real and authentic, rather then false promises or glitzy illusions.

It might seem obvious right? But with Mercury in retrograde it puts a spanner in the works throwing out firmly held goals, values and what you once believed to be true, into a state of confusion.

Nevertheless, trickster Mercury can try all it likes to mess with your priorities. Still, the message of this full moon is clear – stick to what’s real, honest and morally right. Find richness in the company of your loved ones. Fight the good fight. When superficial people or situations try and seduce your ego, simply walk away.


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