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Five tips on how to not waste time in traffic

I am extremely lucky that I live pretty close to the CBD in Melbourne however I have been stuck in your fair share of traffic jams and I find it extremely frustrating as most of you guys would do.. sometime I would rather be taking the longer route and know that I am actually moving. Now I know for some of you it can be extremely tempting to pick up the phone and check when you are stuck in traffic but this is a habit that every single one of needs to stop occupying. For one they are cracking down on drivers using mobile devices – which is becoming expensive and you guys its not worth losing points over that text message can wait and 2 well we all know better and its dangerous!


So I have put together my top tips on how not to waste time in traffic


Podcasts –You all know that I am super into podcast I think its such an amazing and free tool to so many amazing resources. If you are into business podcasts then why not learn whilst on the road, maybe you want to hear someones inspirational life story and success or maybe you are into true crime stories guys!! There are so many options and its free. I always get a lot of messages via my instagram asking me what my favourite podcast channels are so I have listed a few below that I love to listen to in the car on my way to work .


Healthy Hustlers –These girls have just launched there podcast and honestly I am so impressed with the guests they have come on and well you can listen to my podcast on my journey with an eating disorder and how it inspired me to start my activewear label TULLY LOU link here 


Cultivated Entertainment –You know those women you meet and you are like damn girl you are next level inspiring and well I want to be your friend. Well this is Jen proctor who started her podcast channel Cultivated entertainment in Los Angels. Jen has an amazing career and has a broad variety of guests coming onto her podcast. Sarah and I were extremely luck on one of our last visits to have a chat with Jen on her podcast so check it here 


Bulletproof Radio –I love love this channel this is kind of more a little more health and nutrient related. The greater of the famous bulletproof coffee speaks with guests from all across the county and talk all things health, wellness and nutrition can get a little but deep on the technical health side but there ate some great eps in there. To hear more click here


Oprah Super soul Conversations –I don’t think I need to go into how amazing this podcast is I mean its Oprah and she has all the right connections and is the queen of interviewing! Highly recommend listening to this podcast if you are wanting some inspiration and real in depth conversations. To hear more click here 


Breathe work

I find this one so relaxing and puts me in a calm state. I will breathe in for 6 counts hold for 6 and then realise for 6 counts.. I love to do this when I am feeling a little stressed with life or anxious. Sometimes it even works if I am feeling a little unwell in the stomach it just helps to relax me and if you all know how frustrating it can be to be stuck in traffic then point number 2 is a life saver for your sainty!



I am massive on mantras I have a few favourites that I will repeat in the morning or even when I working out to give me a push of positivity so what a perfect time to sit in your car and say them out loud instead of in your head. Think of 3 of your favourite mantras and say them outlaid ten times each loud and proud. There has been research in how saying positive mantras out loud can give you a positive outlook on life. A few of my favourite mantras are below

I am amazing, I am beautiful, I am love

I am powerful, I am strong, I am love

You can literally choose whatever you feel you need and always start your mantra off with I am.


Check in

Call your parents or loved ones to check in to see how they are. I try and do this most mornings or evenings I will call my parents to check in and see how they are, otherwise during the day at the office or when I get home at night I just don’t have time and when I am home at night all I want to do is chill and relax sometimes the last thing  you want to have to do is talk especially after a long day. So I find checking into family or loved ones on hands free bluetooth is a great time.


Sing along 

No better time than now to select your favourite artists or playlist and have a sing along!!!


Audio Books

Two girlfriends and myself started a little audio book club. We all select an audio book and listen +  then discuss the book after! I find the car rides are a perfect time to listen and not get distracted and also by listening to an audio book I find it a lot quicker and easier then picking up a book at night ( Which most of the time I will fall asleep if I do this) so I find this is also a really nice way to get those books that you have wanted to read for sometime checked off your list!


By Tully Lou

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