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Five Expert Tips To Avoid a Christmas Blowout!

Christmas is a time to indulge a little in all aspects of our lives right!? Including great food, wine and my favourite family hang time. We asked some of our TL friends if they had some helpful advice for surviving Chrissie day!


Brooke Meredith

Holistic Health Coach + Wellness Blogger


“Christmas holidays are a time for many social gatherings and with that comes canapés and party food, excess alcohol and sugary treats outside our usual diets.  Before your next event or Christmas party, eat a protein filled meal that satisfies you and keeps cravings at bay so when it comes to being tempted by the treats on offer you won’t make a ‘hangry’ rash decision to fill your face with the first thing that comes your way”


Lisa Hamilton


Fashion, travel + Lifestyle blogger

 “I always try to minimise my consumption of alcohol over the festive period, a sneaky way I do this is by adding plenty of ice to every drink I have to dilute it! It also works well for keeping me hydrated!”



Dani D

Contempary Dancer, KX CYCLE, HIIT, BARRE + PILATES instructor.


“Kombucha! – I am definitely a work hard, play hard kind of girl and when things get a little hectic I try to drink Kombucha every day (I brew my own) It’s a cheeky little help for your digestive system to ensure its processing and digesting the best it can! Essentially we know Christmas is going to be an indulgent time, so its really about keeping a little bit of balance by foods like this that help your body digest it all!”


Sarah Holloway

Founder @matcha_maiden + health and wellness blogger @spoonfull_sarah

“My best Christmas wellness tip is not to beat yourself up about indulging. A day of feasts and treats is not going to derail you. The festive season is a time for love and joy, so don’t ruin the festivities by letting yourself become consumed with guilt. And don’t try to “cancel it out” with skipping meals or other things that can upset your metabolism, just get back on the #cleaneating bandwagon when you’re ready.”


Tully Lou

Designer/Founder TULLY LOU 

@tullylou + @tullylou_tea

“Always get in a sweaty sweat sesh in the morning. I like to get in some interval running with some added HIIT stations to really get my heart rate up, that way I can indulge and not feel guilty. I would do this again on boxing day, so I don’t feel sluggish + bloated”



We hope you all take something from these awesome fitspo babes + enjoy your Christmas with loved ones and all the  yummy and delicious food. Break a sweat, with LOVE!

TL + TEAM xx 


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