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But first..8 things kicking coffee for a week can buy you in Melbourne..

So I’ve kicked my coffee habit not by choice but out of being stubborn. Tell me I can’t do something and I will prove you wrong. Tully and I have a daily ritual of post workout we go grab a strong soy flat white and de-brief on work that has to be done for the day. Challenge accepted – no coffee – do I miss you it? Every day. But taking the positive out of every situation I started thinking of I could do with the money saved from my daily habit so far a grand total of $31.5 ($4.5 a delicious cup).

Me I like to either workout or eat my rewards to this is how I would drop my $31 (insert emoji throwing cash everywhere) in Melbourne.

  1. Dr Shen Massage South Melbourne market – Who doesn’t love a massage. My favourite is this one at South Melbourne market. Now I can walk in like a high roller and order a 31 minute whole body massage.

2. & 3.  – KX Pilates & KX Cycle, Richmond– Make my way up these stairs and depending on the day cardio I would smash out a cycle class but if I’m feeling a bit or strength and core training sign me up for a reformer class. KX CYCLE $ 22 casual class & KX pilates $30 casual class.

Remedy Yoga, Moonee Ponds – No doubt I will start to crash from the zero caffeine and I will start to get ansty and no fun to be around. Time to slow down spas and hit up a yoga class to zen the F out. Casual class at my fav little yoga studio Remedy Yoga will set you back $25

5 Soda water – I’m a sucker for any frizz water or lightly sparkling. I’m not going to get the pricey voss in a glass bottle when I can buy 41 soda waters down the next aisle at coles with her home brand option going for .75c.

6 Combi, Elwood – I need a weekly fix of my combi – My favourite little combo of vegan bircher ($14) and green smoothie ($12.5) still keeps me under the $31 mark.

7 Yong Greens, Fitzroy –  Dinner I might invite Tully out another one of my favourite Melbourne hangouts Yong Greens but she can pay for her own meal because she took coffee away from me. The macro dragon bowl $20 so I can still walk away with some change but it might go towards a parking fine because I always get one in Fitzroy.

8 About Life, Port Melbourne – She can take my coffee away from me but don’t even think about the almond butter. Yes I could do it, I know that but I don’t want to. I’m taking my $31 down to About life in Port Melbourne and stocking up the Melbourne’s cheapest almond butter at $10 a jar. Winning.

All honestly I do feel good from not drinking coffee, I do miss it but I think I just miss the social aspect and hanging out with TL in the mornings at our favourite Clement with our favourite barista Sarah.

TLT x (SP)


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