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FEEL THE HEAT | warm-up + workout

Keep your body fit and strong this winter. We’ve found the top 5 places around Melbourne to workout and cut a serious sweat this winter.

We love it hot and humid to amp up our sweat factor. Sweating makes you look like you’ve earnt your stripes and pretty hardcore but at the same time it also:

  • Releases endorphins – happy hormones
  • Improves digestion
  • Helps get ride of toxins
  • Keeps skin fresh opening up pores and improving skin elasticity

Our favourite places to bring on a sweat this winter

1. Bikram Yoga – South Melbourne

90 Minutes. 26 Postures. 40 degrees. The ultimate sweat.

2. Sculpt Yoga – Doncaster

Never heard of it? Think a yoga flow, yoga with some hand weights some HIIT for the increased heart rate and savasana. Will have you long and lean in no time.

yoga sculpt

3. Hot Core Pilates – Chadstone

We love a workout that challenges you and this one is right up there. Read more about our love for hot pilates here.

4. Power Living – South Melbourne + Fitzroy

Power vinyasa. Building up strength and stamina then throw in philosophy that will leave you feeling so inspired and ready to run the world. Check out Friday night groove class to get down and move to some tunes.

5. Muscle Bone Clinic – Prahran

Infrared sauna love – heats the body from the inside out. Great way to bring on a sweat. Detoxes the body, helps with relaxation, relieves sore muscles and helps out with weight loss. Grab your bestie and lock yourself in for an hour.


After breaking a sweat don’t forget to re-hydrate. Drink plenty of water and nourish that body.

Keep on moving and sweating. Enjoy


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