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FEB FAST | Join the team

January is done and dusted and it’s time for us to pause and re-set before knuckling down for a big year of kicking some personal and professional goals. We’re taking part in FEBFAST, which is the great Australian pause for a cause from alcohol or sugar for the month of February – only 29 days team. Detox month. FEBFAST is organised by the not-for profit charity YSAS supporting young disadvantaged youth and helps empower them to take back their lives.

Not only are you improving your own health for the month but also there is no better feeling then being able to give to others to help improve their own lives too.

For the month of Feb keep motivated and inspired to keep up the dry spell or sugar free spell (or even both) with us. We’ll be posting tips, tricks and some healthy recipes to make this the easiest and most rewarding Feb yet.

We’ve set up a TULLY LOU team on the FEBFAST website so we’re all it together. 3pm sugar blues we will feeling it too help you thru or heading out to dinner with the crew we’ll keep you to date on how to avoid the alcohol and hold off on the sweets. All you have to do is click our link here and on your desk top computer go to the join team tab.

Register for FEBFAST here with us TULLY LOU TEAM.

Lets do it. Get your friends, family, work-mates all on board. The bigger we make this the more we’re helping the community and our health.

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