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What To Expect When You’re Expecting | Coachella 2018

Weekend 1 Coachella 2018 done and dusted. Beyoncé .. no other entertainer like that women on earth. Queen B makes every girl embrace what you got and secretly, or not so secretly, embrace a boss b**ch ultra ego. Cardi B .. no words. Pregnant, dripping in jewels and straight up talks no bull. Love her. Other highlights.. Aussies doing the whole nation proud.. Vance Joy rocked the main stage like a boss and Tash Sultana.. damn she is one talented musician nailing looping on her set. But coming back from the desert, Coachella cherry freshly popped, here are somethings we didn’t expect if you are heading to weekend 2 or thinking of 2019 already. 

Traffic is next level 

Getting to the festival and leaving the festival can be extremely painful! A usual 2.5 hour trip can take 6-7 hours. You have to time your run. Go a day earlier if you can. Leaving the festival.. If you’re not into the Sunday main act highly recommend that would be a great time to leave (before coachella ends). After the festival has wrapped up and the next morning (because everyone is trying to get to work on the Monday) is a complete nightmare.

What pass (ticket) is best

Unless you’ve got friends in the music industry or very well connected you won’t be able to get your hands on artist passes which are the creme dela creme of passes. VIP – you can purchases they are pricey – you get access to a private garden area with cool food & drink places. If you can dosh out that cash this is what you want. Word on the street is though.. and you really want the most valuable pass which can get you anywhere you want.. there’s something called a Jesus or God pass which only the family who lives on the property & there tight knit circle have. ** googling now who owns the Coachella polo ground **


There were definitely some interesting choices for get ups, if that’s what you can call them, running around between stages. But literally anything goes. Most comfy in your track pants and hoodie? Wear it.. completely acceptable. We saw more then we really needed to see there – when you have seen more bums hanging out of G-strings, a transparent lacey dress over the top with nothing but nipple covers and you lost count of how many people more this style .. you legit know anything goes. Want to explore your own fashion options? This is the place.

The Parties

Parties happen either from mid-day and run for a few hours before everyone heads to Coachella for the main acts later that afternoon or after the main act has rapped up their set and go well into the next morning. You do need to be invited to those parties but don’t worry because majority of people at those parties don’t actually go to the festival #coachella but you’re not really..


  • You’re in the middle of a desert on a polo field. That place is dusty af. You NEED a bandana to put over your face.
  • There’s 5-6 stages at Coachella and the place is very, very spread out. You walk a lot! Either you MUST wear comfy shoes or pack bandaids because you will get blisters.


Bucket list ticked though. Coachella feat. Queen B, Cardi B – worth everything. AND… pretty sure Yasmin Kassim nailed the whole Coachella-O-La-La vibe and stereotype perfectly.


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