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Ep 16. | Life in Melbourne Lockdown

This weeks episode we turned our group text thread into a curious conversation. To be honest it sucks being in Melbourne right now. We talk about lockdown, what we’ve been up to, politics, the economy, hospitality basically anything that’s been happening in the news in Melbourne we talk about because that’s what our message thread looks like. 

We recorded this before we knew that we’d be in a further lockdown until end of September (stage 4) not seeing friends, family and to be honest with the ‘road map’ out who knows when we will. I know we’re over it but we’re proud of how much Victorians have endured. We will get out of this soon, we will never take for granted going to a friends place or being able to sit down at a restaurant.

Throw in a few of your Q&A’s, some very random but very interesting, at the end and that’s a wrap for the girl gang convo. Listen here.

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Friday Tap for deets

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Back to the 3000 ??❤️

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