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Ep. 13 | Stephanie Matsuba – BLM

This weeks conversation on BLM is a conversation Tully and I have wanted to have for a many weeks. We spend a lot of time based in LA and one of our closest friends there Steph is Black. Steph comes from an amazing family and works as chief of staff at a tech company.

When the Black Lives Matter movement gained world wide attention in June we saw global rallying and the power of people. The whole world had paused for covid and something that has been happening for generations in the USA, police brutality, was thrusted in front of us. No longer would the world be distracted by life and turn a blind eye to what is happening and has happened over the years. It was a time to educate ourselves and check ourselves – how have we lived in the past and how do we want to move forward into our future?

As white person and a friend we both wanted to be there for Steph and all our black friends but we didn’t know how to support a black friend. We reached out but we knew it was a time for space but support – was the black tile enough? Should I take it down? We were very confused of what the right thing to do was to support this motion especially during corona and lockdowns.

Tully and I both wanted to educate ourselves on the movement and the history of black lives so we could gain some perspective and moving forward how can we be there for Steph, our black friends and in general a better person. 

This chat means a lot to Tul and I. We appreciate Steph so much on being so vulnerable, raw and honest in speaking about experiences being a black women in LA and her time also living in Australia. 

Can we comprehend being run off the road just because of the colour of my skin? Hell no. Can we comprehend knowing growing up police will treat us differently. No way. But Steph chats about these which actually happened to her. She gives us perspective on how it actually feels to be black. 

We walked away from this conversation with Steph open to a world we never knew existed.  

Listen to the conversation with Steph here.

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– They hate you give

Ava DuVernay – 13th (Netflix)

LA 92 (Netflix)


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