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Don’t Drink Your Apple Cider Vinegar This Way

Is your morning shot of ACV  doing more harm then good? We all know the loaded benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar has on your body – it increases stomach acidity, balances pH and some swear by it as a natural beauty product. But who knew if your having your morning shot this way you are actually damaging your insides.. 

This is our PSA to all our healthy nerd fanatics out there that there whose daily vocabulary includes – fermented, alkaline, probiotics and when you walk into their kitchen there’s kombucha, fermented vegetables and not to forget about 4 types of nut butter and a special place for halloumi in the fridge.


That’s it. You actually could be burning your insides. When you actually think about it – every morning your drinking acid. Acid straight up that can be burning your oesophagus and damaging the enamel on your teeth. Now we’re not saying not to drink it but just make sure you drink it diluted. Our favourite way to drink it is mix it with water (basic af) or you can also get these pre mixed drinks from Coles in the health aisle or from most health stores.

Another tip when it comes to drinking ACV is do drink it before you eat on an empty stomach to increase the acidity of your stomach so it help breakdown the food your digesting easier.



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