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DIY HEALTHY HAIR | luxe hair mask

Winter – looking on the bright side it’s only 3 more months. But the drop in temp, humidity and all that wind removes a lot of the natural oils from our skin and hair.

In an attempt to avoid dry and dull hair this winter we found the person with the most luscious head of hair we know – our dear yogi friend Sangita and snooped to find out her secret to luxe long locks. The secret – her go to hair mask. 

All natural and keeping it clean here’s how to do it.

Sangita’s healthy hair mask

You need:

  • Cold pressed coconut oil
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • Rose Water
  • Natural Yoghurt

On clean dry hair, massage in melted organic cold pressed coconut oil. Massage the oil into scalp to prevent any dryness in winter. Comb out hair to even out the oil and make a plait or pony tail to secure the hair (best to do it night so you don’t like a grease ball during the day.)

After allowing the oil to absorb in hair overnight, prepare the hair mask in morning. Take the juice of 1 lemon remembering to strain it so you don’t get bits in your hair, and massage into scalp. Allow it to cut the grease of the oil for 15 minutes. Lemon also has a lightening effect so if you are brunette and don’t want to lighten hair then maybe skip this step. After take some plain yogurt and a few drops of rose water and spread onto hair. 20 minutes later rinse hair with warm water.

Enjoy your silky smooth, healthy and happy hair.

Keep it clean and #fightthefreeze


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