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December Full Moon In Gemini

It’s the last full moon of 2019, hell it’s the last full moon of this decade and like with every full moon it’s a great way to look back and reflect on intentions you’ve made, how far you have come and what sh*t it’s time to let go of especially going into a new year, new decade with a clean slate and fresh attitude.

Moonomens have a full report on the upcoming full moon on December 12th (12.12 – some cool numerology there for you people playing).

This will be a slightly challenging Full Moon as it will focus on us being truly honest with ourselves. Those truths we have not faced head on, the ones that we have had the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality on, will come to light. This Moon carries with it strong release energy and offers us one last opportunity to work through anything that is still unresolved from this last year. While it is sometimes difficult to face our innermost truths, it is only in doing so that we can truly do the work that is needed in order for us to ascend into our next level. That which we do not address only serves to hold us back from realizing our utmost potential.

This Gemini Full Moon occurs during a rare triple conjunction of Venus, Saturn, and Pluto

With Venus playing a huge role in our love and finances, this lunar shift may create a more difficult two weeks as these two aspects of our lives are tested. Saturn can create a feeling of restriction and Pluto can bring feelings of fear. It is important to stay mindful of this as we try to mentally traverse the changes we are about to experience. With Venus being highly active right in between Saturn and Pluto, we will feel these energetic pulses strongly. We may start to feel uncertain about our relationships and our standings with the people in our lives. We may feel pressured to act in certain ways with those around us, especially as the holiday season approaches. This is a time for creating healthy and firm boundaries. You have no obligation to place yourself in uncomfortable positions just for another person’s comfort. This is a time to be mindful of your heart and your emotions. Do what your intuition and gut tell you is the right thing to do. You owe it to yourself to seek that which elevates you and brings you joy. It is not selfish to want these things. Relationship shifts are happening, and we may feel subtle impulses to go about working through challenges and tension in a new and more productive way.

New truths and information will come to the forefront this Full Moon

Give yourself time to process all the facts but ultimately trust your instincts as you forge ahead. This Moon also serves as a reminder that no matter what you may be going through, you are never alone. Gemini is after all, the sign of twins. This is a great time to find a friend, mentor, or confidant to help you navigate any emotions that may arise as you traverse these relationship shifts and changes. There is such incredible power in knowing the truth and knowing just where you stand with someone. Use your heightened sensitivity to channel openness. Don’t allow conflicts to make you hard and rigid. Focus on breaking down any walls you’ve built around yourself recently and move forward with kindness, love, and compassion. 

This final Full Moon of the year is giving us the clarity to see how we can bring our best selves into the relationships that we are in, so they may breakthrough current barriers. It is a final lesson reminding us that our intuitions are divine and the answers we need are always close by. Whether we face a positive or negative experience, every person and situation we encounter is a teacher and every experience is a lesson. Approach every encounter with gratitude as it is helping you on your journey to spiritual growth and enlightenment.

In addition to the rare triple conjunction forces that we are about to experience..

This Full Moon in quincunx aspect to this conjunction will force us to make the adjustments that we need to make in order to help restore balance in our lives. We may have been feeling “off” recently and as though things aren’t quite as they should be. The Moon quincunx Venus has contributed to this as this aspect creates a sense of imbalance in our emotional lives. It can cause us to feel at odds with ourselves and question our current priorities and where we are devoting a majority of our energy. It is easy to get spread thin with so many things that are on our plate that you temporarily feel distant from those you care about. You cannot give from an empty cup. Make sure to take extra time to focus on self-care during this Full Moon. Realize that you are surrounded by love and support and that you will always have help when you need it. People show love in different ways, so it is important to account for others’ love languages. Taking care of yourself during this time while continuing to be there for others will allow you to restore the imbalance that you may feel.

With the Moon quincunx Saturn, we may find it difficult to maintain the peace in our intimate relationship. Feelings of emotional coldness or the need to attend to other responsibilities may create a slight drift between you and your significant other. We can often get preoccupied with work, family obligations, and general stress which can lead us emotionally vulnerable and scrambling to find a balance. This is a lesson in patience and dedication. It is a time to express to those around you that you care and to vocalize any inner turmoil you may experience. Clear and open communication will help to dispel the impact of the Moon quincunx Saturn and help to restore both your own inner peace and harmony within your relationships.

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