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CAWFEE | the perks of cold brew

Some like it hot, cold, long short, 3/4 dash of milk (almond, soy, full fat) we are all pretty fussy with our morning brew and if it’s not a good one your morning is pretty much ruined. Not really one to even glance at a coffee menu but when it’s hot out the thought of having a hot drink just doesn’t sit right but missing out on your coffee – hell no. Hello Cold brew. Our little saviour and surprisingly better for you then your regular extra strong, 4 shot, soy flat white. 

What is cold brew though? Basically course coffee beans that are soaked in water cold or room temperature water for 12 or more hours. There are a few different methods to cold brew from quite high tech to the basic brew you can do at home and a couple of our fav reasons to enjoy this caffeine fix in the hotter weather..

Less acidic

  • because of this it tastes naturally sweeter
  • more alkaline
  • better for your body especially if you have stomach problems

More flavour

  • taste more flavour of the different beans – caramel, fruity, chocolate – because the coffee hasn’t been heated the cold water leaches, sucks and takes more flavour with it when steeped.

Peace coffee lovers. Enjoy and make sure you’re on first name basis with your barista.


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