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The bum bag is making an unlikely comeback + We are kinda digging it.

Ladies and gents.. Call It a fanny pack, a bum bag, a belt bag – the list goes on. Whatever you want to call it the Bum bag is back! A 90s favourite accessory makes a serious chic return.

The hip hugging, across the shoulder trend has been a major hit with celebs and bloggers around the globe. What started off on the runway at Louis Vuitton with their Supreme collaboration has now turned into a serious street style sensation. Hip hugging, across the shoulder in every city we are seeing guys and girls wearing their logo printed, embroidered and embellished bum bags on the streets. Kendall Jenner and Rihanna are embracing the trend in LV and Dior and the look isn’t just for the ladies. Jared Leto and A$AP Rocky are fully embracing the Bum bag, too.

Now I have not actually worn one in public in decades, however I have to say this fashion trend is a major win in my books for both function and style!

I have put together a few of my favourite bum bag looks of the season.







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