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BROTHERS WHO BEND | bobby hancock

We love boys who don’t mind a bit of a stretch and bend so we’re kickin’ off our Monday with our yogi brother From bricklayer to yoga Bobby tells us how he got into yoga, his favourite hangout spots and advice on how to get other boys into the yoga room.

 What’s the Bobby Hancock story so far?

I left school in year 11 after being offered a job as a bricklayer. It was never really my plan but ten years later Iwas still doing it. It payed well so I found myself just working to fund my travelling as a means of escape. Everyday was the same and I just felt unfulfilled and stuck. My partner and I moved to Melbourne at the beginning of the year. She played a big role in encouraging me to chase my dreams and gave me that extra push I needed to step away from my safe zone

Describe yourself in 3 words –

Energetic, caring, fun

What got you into yoga?

Heard about it from a friend – wasn’t interested in going to the gym so thought I’d give it a try. I started with Bikram and was hooked. Now I practice both Bikram and mainly Vinyasa and have been hooked for years!

Fav posture and why?!

At the moment I’m loving handstand and arm balances because they require both strength and balance (and concentration) …. but ultimately I really love forward bends (pachimotanasana) because of the stretch it provides.

What does health mean to you?

Looking after your body / knowing what goes into your body / waking up ready to take on the day.

A part from yoga how else do you sweat?

Recently started going to the gym and trying new things (like spin classes and circuit training) … I’m trying to mix things up a bit.

What’s a typical day on a plate for you?

Start with muesli and fresh fruit (and a coffee), brown rice and veg for lunch, smoothies, soup and roasted veg for dinner … I keep it pretty simple but I like to know that what I’m eating is fresh and nutritious.

Juices or smoothies?

Whatever I can get my hands on but smoothies at home

Best advice you’ve been given?

‘Doubt your doubts!’

Favourite healthy hangout spots?

I’m new to Melbourne so I haven’t found my regulars yet but The Vegie Bar and Moroccan Soup Kitchen are close to my house so I tend to frequent them.

Any advice for other brothers who want to dive into yoga and give it a crack?

Don’t be afraid to try it, it’s certainly not just for the girls! Not only is it physically challenging but it also challenges you to go beyond what you think you are capable of both in body and mind. Stress relief, good sleep, mental clarity, and a general sense of feeling amazing, connected and grounded … what’s not to like.

Stalk Bobby and his sweet yoga moves here 


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