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Brew time | 4 teas to warm up with

Love nothing more then sitting down to a giant cuppa when it’s cold out?! We love a good brew no matter the temperature outside. A giant cup keeps up your hydration throughout the day and depending on what you’re sipping on you’ll be rocking your body with some nutrient rich teas loaded with health benefits. Find out which brews are regulars in our mugs down at TL headquarters and what they’ll load you with.

Green – Kick start your day with a green tea and squeeze of lemon. Both are great detoxers and are loaded with antioxidants. This little brew will also kick start your metabolism speeding up the rate you burn fat off for the day.

Peppermint – Feel like you’re not digesting your food properly or just have an upset stomach? Sip on some peppermint tea and you’ll be doing your bit for your stress levels, boosting your immune system and helping out your digestion. Bam.

Dandelion – Wicked detoxer for the liver and the body this tea is jam packed with antioxidants. It also helps out with digestion, water retention and bloating. This bad boy can have quite a strong taste the longer it’s brewed for so if you’re not hardcore and can’t just have it with water add a dash of almond milk or some stevia for a bit of flavour.

Licorice – A go to tea here at night time – sweet, smooth and soothing. Helps with digestion, cleansing and is a natural anti-inflammatory. The longer you leave this one to brew the sweeter and better it tastes and will help kick that sugar craving before bed.

Enjoy and stay warm.


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