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Breast Cancer Awareness Month with Boob Buddies

October is breast cancer awareness month world wide. You may have seen an increase of newsletters being delivered to your inbox, posts on instagram or shows on TV speaking about breast cancer and the impact it has not only on women but also men (this week Beyonce has come out saying her Dad has been diagnosed with breast cancer).

The truth is the stats are staggering and 1 in 8 women in this world will be diagnosed with breast cancer – it may not be you but it could be your mum, aunty, sister, best friend.

This month the Tully Lou team have teamed up with non-for-profit charity Boob Buddies to bring the awareness of breast cancer to you and not only start conversations with friends and family but also educate you on how important it is to know your own breasts and how to check them properly and regularly through Boob Buddies The ABCD Method of Breast Examination.

With a prevalent history of breast cancer in her own family we sat down with Boob Buddies & The ABCD Method founder, psychotherapist, Barb Wood on how it all began and how important emotional, mental health is in staying healthy. Interview with boob buddies and The ABCD Method founder Barb Wood on breast cancer awareness month and how emotional healing impacts health and dis-ease

Why did you start boob buddies and create the ABCD Method of Breast Examination?
I founded boob buddies because cancer comes with a price tag. Not only is it physically and emotionally debilitating, it is also financially debilitating. I created ‘The ABCD Method of Breast Examination’ to empower women, of all ages, to take responsibility for the health of their breasts.

How has breast cancer awareness changed in your lifetime?
Breast cancer awareness has changed massively during my lifetime. Being breast aware and performing a self-breast examination was never discussed when I was a young adult. Now in 2019 everything goes pink in October as it is breast cancer awareness month…something I strongly disagree with as EVERY MONTH should be breast cancer awareness month.

Health wisdoms you wished you’d known earlier.
I wished I’d known more about ‘holistic healing’ when I was younger, as now I know that the body and mind mutually influence one another. Where do you see boob buddies in the next 5 years? My vision for boob buddies in the next 5 years is to have more therapists walking in to the homes of people affected by cancer and helping them cope with the emotional side-effect of the disease…a side-effect that can ultimately affect longevity.

What does ‘healing’ mean to you?
Healing to me means finding inner peace…something which can only be achieved once you let go of fear.

Tips on how to heal.

My tree of life

eat well
sleep soundly
positive energy
use positive words
empowering thoughts

+ beliefs

healthy you

The ABCD Method of Breast Examination

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For more information on Boob Buddies, The ABCD Method of Breast examination and in house therapy see

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