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Bread benefits | Sourdough

How good is a piece of toasted bread? Not your white, pre-cut stuff in a packet but a good quality sourdough. A lot of people have shunned away from the glorious delights of this brunch staple but it’s ok to smash some avocado or slather some almond butter on this top quality bread because it’s loaded with health benefits. 

Sourdough is fermented bread traditionally made from 3 ingredients – a starter (flour +water), salt and flour. The bread is left for several hours for the yeast to work its magic on the starches and build up an army of good bacteria.

Because of the high levels of naturally occurring yeast + bacteria sourdough is loaded with health benefits;

  • Low GI – Slow release of sugars in your body keep
  • High levels of minerals and vitamins including B vitamins, folate + Thiamin.
  • Increases gut health due to the good bacteria
  • Healthy gut means healthy immune system

If you’re a big fan of bread or it’s a weekend indulgence make sure you opt for a sourdough, which is loading your bodying full of nutrients.


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